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Techno Green PVC Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar is a Private Limited Company. It is the brain child of its Managing Director and mentor, Mr. Dharam Singh Neogi. The unit was set up as a fabrication unit for making uPVC doors and window systems and at the same time providing a comprehensive solution to the very basic level construction industry in terms of doors and window solution. The fabrication unit has been in operation since the 1st of November 2010. The unit uses the technology and materials of WINTECH to fabricate windows and doors as per the requirements and specifications (design wise) of the local clients. Techno Green works under a licensing structure to fabricate uPVC windows & doors by only using Wintech’s profiles and technology.
The unit has been set up keeping in mind the requirements of the building industry (both commercial and retail) and the need for hi-tech solutions for windows and doors in Orissa and other parts of eastern India.

Techno Green as a company was setup to provide hi-tech fenestration solutions to the people of Eastern India that have been deprived of new technologies compared to the rest of India. In our quest to improve the housing and building Infrastructure industry we have just taken the first steps with Wintech. We as a company will forever be on the look out to add onto our portfolio of solutions for the fenestration industry.

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